Whisking instantaneously transports a pirate to a different location on the ocean. Any items held in the pirate's personal inventory, such as swords, clothing, charts, bid tickets, and other small items, are carried along with the pirate. Commodities such as rum, cannon balls, and basic goods cannot be whisked; they must be sailed across the sea in a ship.

  • A pirate can whisk directly to their home island by click on the "To Home Isle" button on the "Ye" tab.
  • Whisking directly to a ship at sea can be accomplished by either boarding a ship belonging to your crew already at sea, or by being jobbed to the ship of another crew.
  • Whisking potions allow a pirate to whisk to any island they have previously set foot upon, currently hold a chart for, or for which they have recently seen a chart.
  • The ferry system allows for convenient whisking between colonized islands in the same archipelago.