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Trollsb can be found on all oceans, but usually plays on the Cerulean Ocean. Prior to the ocean merge on January 31st, 2012, she played mainly on the Midnight Ocean.

Life of Trollsb Edit

Born many moons ago upon the Midnight Ocean; Trollsb joined a crew and shortly later had an eight month break from the game. Touched by the FSM was founded by Trollsb when she logged on after the break to discover that her old crew had essentially disappeared and she could not find a friendly enough crew to join.

She worked hard to build up Touched by the FSM having over 80 members at one point, and the crew deciding to create their own flag Armada Aldente of which Trollsb was queen. The crew was handed over to senior officers as she was unable to play after being assaulted in real life and needing time to recover. She returned to find the crew mostly inactive and numbers greatly dwindling. Finding rebuilding too much stress, Trollsb moved ownership over to an alt and joined long time hearty Queenofb's crew Royalty.

Trollsb runs an apothecary stall on Papaya Island. Originally her stall was on Park Island but when the Brigand King took over, taxes were too high. She still continues her "Whisk your Whisk" pre-made whisking potion delivery service.

Engaged in-game to Thebilgeking for a very long time, but never quite a big event, Thebilgeking stopped playing Puzzle Pirates and Trollsb has been a widow since. Trollsb's display trinket is most often a Personal Ad style message on a red card.

For a while Trollsb could be usually found sporting a surgeons outfit and followed by Unjugged Rabbit. One of Trollsb's real-life partners Xardy had been playing actively she had maintained an in-game relationship with him, and they wear matching mint surgeon outfits.

Trollsb then changed crews, swapped her won familiar for a Shipyard Stacked Decks then personal life again got in the way and she took a break leaving her shipyard and stalls for others who promised to look after them, and take the profits and tell Trollsb offline if they no longer wanted to. A few months later she returned to find the shipyard dusted and other stalls abandoned and vanished. She left the game again, and did not return for many years.

She most recently returned in March 2013, real life relationship with Xardy dissolved, oceans merged and the ocean quieter than before. She purchased a tan familiar monkey, "Mr Cuddles" and only committed to a one week subscription and discovered her skills were rather rusty.

Contributions and Achievements Edit