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Thunderbird first washed ashore the waters of the Azure Ocean in September of 2003. He joined Puzzle Pirates Academy (PPA) and worked his way through the ranks to eventually achieve the rank of senior officer (SO) a few weeks before Azure closed. Retaining the position on Midnight, he stayed with the crew until it became inactive sometime in February of 2004. He moved to the Rudder Lubbers for a day or two before joining some of his former PPA crewmates in Silver Dragon Trading Co as an SO. He remained there for two and a half years, leaving in August of 2006. He initially joined The Philanthropist for Rexelita's memorization event, but chose to remain there for the time being. After a few months there, he moved to Hell Hath No Fury, later moving to Unknown Pleasures for personal reasons.

On the Viridian Ocean, he was recruited into Shades of Evil, where he rose through the ranks somewhat quickly, making SO in three months. He was chosen to replace the departing captain, Maharet, in the crew two days later, on August 11. He led the crew for a few years, but finally left (not before swapping an alt into the captain spot) when it was clear that both the crew and it's holding flag (Regnum Irae) were inactive.

He has also made forays into the other oceans, primarily with the intent of exploring them. On Cobalt, he is the captain of his one-man crew, Fish and Chips, on Sage he was a senior officer of Purple People Eaters (briefly holding the Captain spot there when the usual captain needed a short break) but later moved to Death Wish, and on Hunter he is a senior officer of Our Curious Disposition.

He was also an employee of Shanty Raid-io and helped with their website before it went offline.