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Suzalilli is the result of three years of constant on/off play and two deleted pirates. She is currently an officer in the crew Poe Pinchin'.

Biography Edit

Suzalilli returned to the game in March of 2007, looked up a few hearties and concentrated on getting her experience up to broad so she could start her own crew.

First came Meh Squared, a two-woman oligarchic crew run by Suzalilli and Heatherreece.

When that disbanded for reasons that nobody can recall, they formed the classicially named Joo Gif Poez. This went well for a few months until Bigfrill asked Suzalilli and Heatherreece to join his new crew Frill's Hunters.

Suzalilli left the game again in June of 2007 but returned in October 2007 to find that Bigfrill had also left the game and Frill's Hunters had been merged with Bad-Booty Pillagers, which was part of the flag Phobos Et Deimos.

Having an aversion to politics, Suzalilli decided to leave the crew and go it alone.

She was captain of the crew Wrath of Hades, before joining Unknown Pleasures in February of 2008 as a fleet officer. After a few days, Morgana saw fit to label Suzalilli a flirt and promoted her to senior officer. Suzalilli left Unknown Pleasures after only a couple of weeks.

On 1 March, 2008, the crew Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was born, with Suzalilli as captain and Heatherreece as senior officer.

On 12 March, 2008, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot accrued enough fame to start a flag, Oscar Mike Gulf.

Suzalilli owns a townhouse on Turtle Island and is most often to be found in the cellar, playing poker. With do not disturb enabled!

Occasionally she'll leave the house for a pillage or a trip to Atlantis. But not often.

Contributions and Awards Edit

Suzalilli has the incredible bilge, sailor, navigator and, most surprisingly, treasure hauler trophies. Most recently she finally achieved incredible Shipwrightery, a trophy that seemed a long time coming.

Her most prized trophy is the ultimate poker player.

On Thursday 7 February, 2008, Suzalilli sustained an injury (finally!) during a trip to Atlantis. She now sports a rather fetching aqua starfish on her left cheek.

Trinkets Edit

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