Starhawk was a pirate who sailed the Azure Ocean and, for a time, the Midnight Ocean. He was an officer in the crew of Mad Mutineers, under the flags of Old Spice and Midnight Armada.

Biography Edit

Starhawk washed ashore on Guava Beach in July 2003, during the beta period. He almost immediately joined the Mad Mutineers, one of the crews who called Guava home in those days. He was a proud and loyal member of the Mutineers for the rest of his time on Azure, always wearing the crew colors (green) and contributing to the Azure memorial fund. He was standing again on Guava Beach when the server was taken down for the last time.

He served in the new incarnation of the Mutineers for over a year until the Scallywag War rocked the Midnight Ocean. Starhawk was always a pirate of strong convictions and great passions, and he found himself drawn into what he felt was a matter of principle, of right vs. wrong and the spirit of the game. As the war dragged on, however, he grew more disillusioned - mocked by his opponents, disavowed by those he considered his allies, and upset to find how much the culture and customs of the ocean had changed since its beginning. Eventually he decided that the wind and tide were against him, and there was no longer any place for him in Midnight. Boarding his sloop, the Unworried Halibut, he sailed over the horizon and vanished.

[The pirate was deleted sometime in spring 2005, but his player prefers to believe that he somehow found his way back to Azure and those he knew there.]