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'De Dragon Masters to Ajax
Ajaydevil to Antonella
Anubiss to Aurora Borealis (flag)
Auroralace to Be Right Back
Beach Balls to Blackmonkey
Blackmore to Bootykicker
Bootylover to Cabin person
Cabinnaw to Celtic Knots (Emerald)
Celtic Spirits to Coal Hard Cash (Cerulean)
Coal Hard Cash (Meridian) to Creme de la Villa
Creole Cloth to Dark Ravins
Dark Revenge to Devilocean
Devils Citadel to Dreamt
Dreamweaver to Emustrask
Enamel to Familiars (Cerulean)
Familiars Forever to Foilistc
Foliate head carving to Gaviota Archipelago (Jade)
Gcfungus to Grid Iron Gang
Griefing to Hellsbelle
Hellsfire to Ice Ocean changelog/2006-1
Ice Ocean changelog/2006-2 to Isla Escuibnocket (Jade)
Isla Espejismo (Jade) to Jon (Viridian)
Jonasxt to Kitchenlight
Kite to Learning
Lease on Life to Los Tazmania
Lose to Marauding Maniacs
Marauding Sea Hawks to Mickeyfinger
Microsoft to Mortal Dwellings
Mortal Mayhem to New Agent In Town
New Dawn to Odm
Odysseus' Odessey to Palace Of The Winds
Palace Shoppe to Pioneers of the Light
Pipeline to Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink (Cerulean) to Raptordds
Raptus Regaliter to Release 2012-04-30
Release 2012-05-30 to Robx
Rock to Rules of Engagement
Rulza to Scarlet Corsairs
Scarlet Masquerade to Shalo
Sham to Skeletoness/Pets
Skeletontail to Spooky scrimshaw
Spooky spyglass to Supremacy (pirate)
Supreme to The Angry Wolves
The Anti-list to The Lost Buoys
The Lost Elements to Theluggage
Thematador to Triketos
Triketos scrimshaw to Valentine Dragon
Valhalla to Weapons of Mast Destruction (Cerulean)
Wear a Wan Style (dusted) to XXX
XXxDirty RaidersxXx to Zuyua Mist (Malachite)
Zuyua Mist (Meridian) to Ɓguila Archipelago (Jade)
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