A Sea Monster Hunt (or SMH for short) is a voyage configuration option. It allows pirates to chart to any Atlantean Outpost, Cursed Isles, or Haunted Seas to fight Atlantean Monsters, zombies, or ghosts, respectively.

A ship's voyage configuration may be set to Sea Monster mode only after being charted to a Sea Monster location with the corresponding map. Any job offers posted after this appear under the "Sea Monster" heading on the Voyages tab of the Notice Board.

On a doubloon ocean, a bravery badge is needed to join a Sea Monster Hunt. On a subscriber ocean, pirates must be subscribed.

Sea Monster job offers

The sea monster hunting job offers on the notice board

Types Edit

At this time, there are three types of sea monster hunts:

Booty division Edit

In Sea Monster Hunts, there is a chance of getting treasure chests when playing either the treasure haul or foraging puzzles. These factor into the Booty Division at port.

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