Retaka is a senior officer and wench of the crew Radical Dreamers, and a member of the flag Dream Reapers on the Cerulean Ocean. Prior to the ocean merge in early 2012, she sailed the Midnight Ocean.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • Wench (and Sweetie) of crew Radical Dreamers
  • Owned the first crew ship in Midnight Ocean

Biography Edit

Retaka was one of the first members of the Radical Dreamers being a roommate of senior officer Splizwarf in the Azure Ocean. She was famed in the crew for her intense desire to hug people, indifference to nasty politics, and good carping skills. Together with Clover and Areku, she bought the first ship for the crew in the Midnight Ocean, the sloop the Proper Shiner. After some noted absences due to graduate school in 2004 and 2005, Retaka returned to the pirates' life in 2006.

  • Most people call her 'Taka
  • Retaka carries a Paragon in Carping.
  • Her colors in Azure were green and purple. Upon moving to Midnight she switched to green and navy, although she dabbles in purple now and then.
  • Retaka likes to Sail, Carp, and Nav. She is a fair at Bilging, dislikes gunning and refuses to battle nav if she can at all avoid it.
  • While not being good at Swordfighting, Retaka has beaten pirates above her station too often for it to be coincidence. She loves stick tournaments.
  • Retaka is married to Vor.


Retaka also travels under the name Kimisan in the crew Johnny's Rogers under the flag of Avalon.