Outspoken was once a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He was a pirate in the crew The Shooting Stars of Sage. Soon to be a pirate, he loved to Sea Monster Hunt and pillage with the navy. His character has since gone dormant, or has been deleted.

Biography Edit

Outspoken was originally named Demdond. He was a fleet officer of The Remnant, under the flag Critical Mass. He loved his crew, his friends and his account. After going inactive for a few months he came back to find that his account had been deleted. He was upset, as he worked very hard on that account. Demdond made a new account, and he called his first pirate Outspoken.

After being unable to access the internet for a very long time Outspoken returned to PuzzlePirates knowing his account would no longer be there. He started a new in May, 2010. His pirates name? Rupture.

Friends Edit

Demdond had many good close friends, but after the account deletion he had a hard time tracking some of them down. He found a few, but was still searching for others, including his old captain. A few of his friends included Silverazor, Thaliana, Fattyhaha and Fivestars..

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