Options panel

The options panel

The client's options allow you to change parts of your Y!PP playing experience. They can be reached from the Ye part of the Sunshine widget. The options are divided into categories, which are as follows:

  • About - Shows information about the game, including the client version that you are playing with.
  • General - Includes several tickboxes, which allow you to:
    • Show or hide the extra new pirate help
    • Show puzzle tutorials in a tab
    • Use a larger font (requires the client to be restarted)
    • Use anti-aliased fonts (requires the client to be restarted)
    • Choose whether you wish to run the game as a window or a full screen program (requires the client to be restarted)
    • Change the screen size (requires the client to be restarted)
    • Specify to use a left-handed mouse
    • Enable special event effects
    • Set the visual effects level as high or low
    • Select between English, German and Spanish as the displayed game text language (requires the client to be restarted)
    • Specify the directory where screenshots are saved
Screen size changes affect both windowed and full-screen modes. Note that most puzzles do not scale--they will stay the same size. However, non-puzzle scenes and sea battle will both increase in size, allowing for a larger view. The left-handed mouse option will swap the mouse button operation for rumble. There are two differences in this section for Linux users: Full screen is not available and there is an additional option to specify which browser to open external links with.
  • Chat - Includes the options to change the chat bubble display time, change the manner in which curse words are filtered, and choose the location you wish to have in-game chat logged to (if any).
  • Sound - Includes options that allow you to change the volume of the in-game sound, as well as choose which sounds you hear.
    • Alerts - Enables whistles when someone else initiates a trade with you, asks to hearty, gives you an order aboard ship, applies for a job (and you're an officer aboard a ship)
    • Feedback -
    • Ambient -
    • Game alerts - Server reboots (unconfirmed)
    • Game sound effects -
  • Mute list - Shows you which pirates, if any, you have muted. There is also a button that allows you to remove them from your mute list.
  • Puzzle keys - Includes options that allows you to change the control scheme of the puzzles that use the keyboard.
  • Chat shortcuts - Allows you to specify text or commands to be entered when the function keys (F1-F12) are pressed
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