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Officer is the fourth-highest rank a player can have in a crew. Players are generally given the rank of officer once they have subscribed or purchased a rank (officer or above) badge and played regularly for around a month in the crew, but the requirements for promotion differ with each crew.

Officers have many rights. In addition to being able to play the navigation puzzle without an order, they can now run their own pillages. Even if a player owns a ship, he or she must be an officer (or higher) to sail it. Officers can sail any unlocked ships in the crew, but can only access the hold on ships that they own personally. On the crew's other ships, officers can't sell goods or remove money from the coffers (but they can add money into the coffers on any ship), nor can they add or remove charts.

When booty is divided, the ship restocking cut goes directly into the officer's hands for restock. Officers are able to purchase rum and cannon balls from dockside, and the money comes straight from their pocket. Nothing else can be purchased in any manner. To have full access on other ships belonging to the crew, an officer must first be promoted to fleet officer (or senior officer).

Officers have the right to access to the /officer and /fofficer chat channels. Officers may propose promotions and demotions which causes an issue to be posted. If the crew is democratic, the officers may also vote on the issue.

Officers generally go through a period of training. Often crews recognize officers-in-training by giving them a standard title.

Officers who prove themselves trustworthy are often promoted to fleet officer. Many crews also have alternate characters (may be referred as "Alts") hold the rank of officer for special tasks like ship or commodity moving.

Depending on a crew's booty shares, officers may receive a different share than those of other ranks during booty division.

Historical Notes Edit

Prior to the release of 2005-06-29, officers had additional rights to access holds and take charts and bid tickets.

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