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Monarch is one of the four positions in a flag. Only one pirate can be the monarch. When a crew creates a flag the captain of the founding crew is installed as the monarch by default. The monarch has the same voting power as royalty within a flag, voting for issues of war, governors for that flag's controlled island(s), and addition/change of titled, monarch, and royalty positions. The monarch will be listed in the flag's information and can change the flag's public statement and private statement. A monarch may also decide which portrait will be displayed (if any) on the flag info page. The monarch can post flag news and has access to the /royalty and /fb (flag broadcast) chat channels. To be promoted to monarch, a pirate must be ranked at least Officer. If the monarch is subsequently demoted to Pirate or Cabin Person rank, they still have access to royal functions, including /royalty chat.

Monarchic Powers Edit

When a flag is first established, the monarch will gain autocratic status and all flag concerns (declaration of war, declaration of alliance, etc.) will belong solely to the monarch. However, if the monarch appoints other members of the flag to the position of Prince or Princess, the autocratic powers are automatically shared between monarch and royalty.

Political & Economic ImportanceEdit

If a flag wins a blockade, the flag's monarch is automatically appointed governor of the blockaded island. All deeds from bazaars of all types, the deed to the estate agent and the deed to the palace or fort are immediately transferred to the monarch.

Portraits Edit

Like royalty, monarchs may wear a crown or tiara. They may also hold a scepter when commissioning a portrait, but only if their flag's fame is at least Renowned.

Titles Edit

If male, monarchs carry the title of King, and if female, they carry the title of Queen.

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