This page contains obscene words as determined by the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates in-game filter. Using them in the game in public spaces can get you into trouble. Attempting to misspell,separate or in any other way attempt to hide Filtered words to bypass the filter is even more likely to get you into trouble.

This list is provided for reference purposes only. Using this knowlege to abuse the chat system in the game can get you blackspotted or even banned.

(Oh, and if ye feel like testing the filter to see which words are filtered and which ones aren't, it's best to do so in a private spot, like on a ship with no player that might object on board.)

Final warning Edit

The obscene words used in the filter have been written in white text on a white background. If you don't want to see obscene words, don't highlight the section below. (Not-obscene-yet-filtered words, like "gay", are written in black letters on a white background.)

ass -> booty
asshole -> barrelstopper
bitch -> tart
blowjob* -> harmonica lesson
clit -> rosebud
cock -> mast
cocksuck* -> bilgedrink
cum -> bilge
cunt* -> shrew
dildo* -> tickler
fag -> landlubber
*fuck* -> scupper
gay -> happy
muff -> britches
*penis* -> John Thomas
pussy* -> kitty
*shit -> cannon
shit* -> barnacle
slut -> strumpet
tits -> bosom
twat -> halibut
whore* -> trollop
vagina -> dainty
There are also some words that cause the filter to drop the entire line.
Obscene words that cause the entire message containing the word to be completely silenced:
rape, faggot, kike, nigger, spic
--End of extremely filtered words

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