Krazyjohn is a senior officer and first mate of the crew The Trespassers and a lord of the flag Capsized on the Cerulean Ocean.

Biography Edit

Krazyjohn arrived on the shores of Byrne Island in the Diamond Archipelago a raw bundle of green kinetic Energy, and started to learn who he was as a pirate. He pillaged the high seas flitting from crew to crew until he joined The Trespassers and worked his way steadily through the ranks to senior officer.

After a 1 year hiatus during which the crew went dormant, he came back after Dangerdann sent out a request for his SO's to return to the game to help re establish the crew.

He then went about helping the crew become established. Through hard work, pillaging and with the sweat off their backs they pushed the crew into stratospheric greatness.

On the 18th of September 2009 Krazyjohn left to take on the ocean as the captain of his own Crew Jolie Rouge in the flag Water Sleeps where he was a prince. He later rejoined The Trespassers.

Contributions and Achievements Edit

  • Helped get The Trespassers to Number 1 in the midnight ocean
  • becoming prince of the flag Water Sleeps
  • Taking Meke Island as part of the Royalty of Water sleeps

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