Fannon of Pirates of the Damned
Governing Body 
Andyp of The Legends, Angie of Cookie Pirates, Freckles of Booty Lubbers, Gagi of Arctic Blades, Grimes of Pirates of the Damned, Mars of Pirates of the Damned, Parka of Dead Pirates Society, Rome of Pirates of the Damned, Shuranthae of White Wynds
Member Crews 
Pirates of the Damned, The Legends, Cookie Pirates, Skull Hunters, Arctic Blades, Blue Rogues, Booty Lubbers, Marine Knights, The Art of Diplomacy, Orange Revolution, White Wynds, Dead Pirates Society, The Thieves Guild, Dark Strike, Monkey Face Fighters, Wanderin' Wenches, Pay the Devil.
Island Holdings 
Xi Island
Midnight Armada, Avalon, Maritime Law, Dark Judgement, Caper's Capers, The Uprising, Epic, Lunar Bin, Carpe Noctem, Elysian Fields, Spirits O' Avenging Seas.

Current July 14, 2005