Cranberry Island of Midnight Ocean
Large island in Ruby Archipelago
Controlled by Trans-Atlantic Empire
Governed by Cygnii
Navy color: Orange

Cranberry Island is a large island located in the Ruby archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Midsummer and Eta Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns hemp and wood. These resources can be bid on at the market.

Buildings Edit

Dyenosaur (bazaar)
The Painted Ladybug (upgraded)
The Piggy Bank (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Flea Market (upgraded)
Rum Tum Tiger (bazaar)
Raining Cats and Grog (upgraded)
Three Sheep to the Wind
Estate agent 
Better Beaver Builders
The Drunken Clam (upgraded)
Llama Lub Inn
Iron monger 
Dragon Forge (bazaar)
Mice Cold Steel (upgraded)
Tortoise Shells
Cluckingham Palace
Fish n Ships (bazaar)
Built on Porpoise
Sea Blind Mice (upgraded)
Gorilla Ragfare (bazaar)
Teddy Bauer (upgraded)
Peacock Fabrics (bazaar)
Thread Bear

Government Edit

Cranberry is currently ruled by Trans-Atlantic Empire.

History Edit

Cranberry I — 2004-09-11, Tyr's Own attempts the first blockade of Cranberry on behalf of Quixaroo, the former Azure governor of Cranberry. Facing a large defense from Silver Dawn and its allies, Tyr's Own could only win the seventh round. Contender Trans-Atlantic Empire could also only win one round, but would try again in a week.

Cranbery II — 2004-09-18, The Ruby Ring gained an unofficial new flag, Trans-Atlantic Empire. Assisting this flag heavily, TAE won the blockade in seven rounds. Tyr's Own contended after dropping a chest in round 4.

Cranbery III — 2004-10-02, While an epic blockade took place at Islay of Luthien, RobertDonald's alt flag Trans-Pacific Empire attempted to distract manpower from Carpe Noctem, one of three contenders at Luthien. After six rounds, the score was 3-3, but Luthien had recently finished. Facing a massive defense, Trans-Pacific Empire lost the next three rounds.

Cranbery IV — 2004-10-19, Sea the Constellation was a flag formed from the crew They Might Be Pirates, who had been expelled from Trans-Atlantic Empire. Aided by Robertdonald, the flag contended the first round, but dropped out to plan the next Cranberry blockade in round 2.

Cranberry V — 2004-10-22, Cranberry became the first island to be blockaded five times; Cranberry V was contended by the alt flag DOOFIS in support of They Might Be Pirates. Tired of endless blockades, Trans-Atlantic Empire paid They Might Be Pirates and gave them a distillery shoppe, ending the short disagreement.