Chat commands
/emote (/me)
/speak (/say)
/tell (/msg)
/think (/ponder)

Pirates are able to communicate with each other in various ways, sometimes dependent on their location. There are multiple modes of speaking, which affect how the text appears on screen, and multiple channels which can be spoken on. Each channel sends the message to a different group of pirates.

History Edit

There are four history modes: fade-overlay, small-overlay, large-overlay, and full-screen. Change between them using the history buttons, next to the chat field.


Toggle between the three 'overlay' modes using the 'scroll' icon to the right of the 'send' button. Change to full-screen (and back) using the 'window' icon to the right of the 'scroll'.

You can copy and paste history by using the full-screen chat mode. Note: if you've been playing a while, and have a large chat history, switching to full-screen may take a while, during which YPP will be unresponsive.

Filters Edit

There are four choices of filter in the game for potentially offensive curse words, found on the Options screen: piratification, comicification, dropping messages with offensive content, and no filter at all. However, some substitutions always occur, including piratification of unpiratey language. These are outlined in the next section.

Substitutions Edit

Some text will automatically substitute other text in its place or change the mode you speak in. These substitutions may need to be the first thing in the message. Peghead has referred to these substitutions as mogrifications.

Greeters have access to additional substitutions.

Smilies: These make your pirate emote smilies (if the channel causes substitutions to take place).

:)  =)  8)  :-)  =-)  8-) 
:]  =]  8]  :-]  =-]  8-]  smiles
:}  =}  8}  :-}  =-}  8-}
:>  =>  8>  :->  =->  8->

:D  =D  8D  :-D  =-D  8-D  grins

:(  =(  8(  :-(  =-(  8-( 
:[  =[  8[  :-[  =-[  8-[  frowns
:{  ={  8{  :-{  =-{  8-{
:<  =<  8<  :-<  =-<  8-<

;)  ;-)
;D  ;-D
;]  ;-]                    winks
;}  ;-}
;>  ;->        

:p  =p  8p  :-p  =-p  8-p  sticks out a tongue

(replacing '-' with '*', works in all the above as well)

afaik                      as far as I know
afk                        Pirate dozes off
any1 ne1                   anyone
asl a/s/l as/l a/sl        Ahoy! From which port do ye hail, and how many years are
                           upon ye? (trailing characters removed, unlike others) 
bbl                        Be back later
brb                        Be right back
btw                        by the way
cu                         see ye
gg                         good game
gl                         good luck
iirc                       if I remember correctly
lmao                       Pirate laughs heartily
lol                        Pirate laughs
m8                         mate
nh                         nice hand
n00b noob n0ob no0b        greenie
np                         no problem
omg omfg                   Billions of blue blistering barnacles!
plz                        please
rofl                       Pirate laughs uncontrollably
stfu                       shut yer trap
thx                        thanks
ty                         Thank ye
ur                         yer
wtf                        What in the seven seas
wtg                        way to go

Repeated exclamation or question marks get limited to only three e.g. !!!!!!! will appear as !!!

Chat shortcuts Edit

Chat shortcuts are available through the options menu under the Chat shortcuts tab. These allow a pirate to customize up to twelve phrases that can be accessed through the function keys on any keyboard. To use the chat shortcuts just press the corresponding function key. All of the chat shortcuts can be sent over any of the chat channels and can be preceded by the /shout, /emote or /think command.

Chat shortcut configuration

An image showing the chat shortcut configuration screen in the options menu.

Default chat shortcuts

  • F1 - Ahoy!
  • F2 - Aye aye
  • F3 - /me laughs
  • F4 - Welcome aboard!
  • F5 - Good luck
  • F6 - Good game
  • F7 - Harr!
  • F8 - Avast!
  • F9 - Shiver me timbers
  • F10 - Yohoho!
  • F11 - Did you hear the cannon shots last night?
  • F12 - /print

Commands Edit


An image showing various chat channels (from top to bottom: royalty, speak, emote, think, jobbing crew, house, crew, tell, tell reply, flag broadcast, flag officer, officer)

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