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Bbkelley is a senior officer of the crew SCURVY. He is manager of El Pollo Diablo. Bbkelley spends most of his time looking after shops and pillaging and sometimes entering tournaments. He's an outstanding helper and will teach those who need helping. He is also royalty of the flag The Order of Fortune on the Viridian Ocean.

When it comes to pillaging BB (short for Bbkelley) is all about it. His favorite puzzle is Battle Navigation. He will pillage with any ship but his favorite ones are the big ones, like a war frigate. Get him up there on the helm and he will battle navigate circles around his opponent. If he isn't in charge, pirates could see him at Gunnery probably.

What He likesEdit

  • Blue and yellow
  • Bnav
  • Skull dagger
  • Blackjack
  • Swashbuckler jackets and muskeeter hats
  • Big ships

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