Basher is a pirate that sails on the Midnight Ocean within the crew Bovine Intervention and is the king of the flag Carpe Noctem.

Accomplishments Edit

  • King of the flag Carpe Noctem
  • Governor of the Islay of Luthien
  • Successful Ruby Merchant
  • Blockade Coordinator
  • Looterati Chancellor

Biography Edit

Basher first stepped into the world of Puzzle Pirates in the days of Azure during Beta Testing. He along with his longtime friend Unixmonkey formed their first crew and shortly afterwards merged with the crew Red Hand, that was captained by Quinta and Eidrog. It was shortly thereafter that Azure was reset and not willing to restart from the beginning Basher left Puzzle Pirates. It was not long later that Basher grew tired of the landlubber life and returned to the call of the Midnight Ocean. Upon his return he was befriended by Barnie and joined the crew Far Too Jolly Rogers. Due to his experience from the days of Beta he quickly rose to the rank of senior officer within his new crew. He was on board one of the ships that first conquered Jorvik and subsequently defended it from numerous outside attacks. It was within this crew that he met his future wife Elfen.

Months passed and after an internal conflict Basher and Elfen left The Far too Jolly Rogers to start out on their own. They moved from crew to crew for a time before coming to rest within the crew Llyr's Pact within Carpe Noctem. Finding a new home Basher became quite active within the flag and quickly was given the rank of Domestic Royal under the Kingship of Phin. On March 2 2007 Phin decided to step down as King of Carpe Noctem and the crown was given to Basher. Phin remained as a royal advisor to Basher.

Basher continues to be a notable presence in the Ruby Archipelago years after being one of the first colonists. He is currently mostly retired, but can still be seen on the docks from time to time ranting about the "Good ol Days".