Areku, senior officer of Radical Dreamers, sails the Midnight Ocean.

Notable Achievements Edit

Biography Edit

Areku, a long-time player from the days of beta-testing on the Azure Ocean, was the original captain of the Radical Dreamers, and king of the flag Dream Reapers. Easy going and understated, as a leader his main concerns were always the happiness of his fellow pirates, and the accomplishment of the flag's goals. Although he no longer holds captaincy or kingship, the friendships and loyalty he earned in those positions holds steadfast.

On Azure, one could find Areku on his adopted home of Tinga Island standing on the docks alongside Vixen, Embla, Huskyted, and Fluffycloud making friendships that would last onto Midnight. He was the first owner of Apparel Barrel on Alpha Island on Midnight, and enjoyed massive profits competing with his friends in Sinking Feelings that ran Bandana Republic and Quixaroo who ran Threading a Fine Line.