Angelfish Island of Midnight Ocean
Outpost island in Coral Archipelago
Controlled by The Uprising
Governed by Gummyworm
Navy color: White

Angelfish Island is an outpost island located in the Coral archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Park Island, Meke Island, Delta Island, and Turongo Island.

Natural Resources Edit

The island spawns hemp, tellurium, and serandite. They can be bid on at the fort.

Buildings Edit

Residence Evil
Iron monger 
Black Molly Monger

Government Edit

Angelfish Island is currently ruled by The Uprising, under the stewardship of the Radical Dreamers.

History Edit

Angelfish I - 2004-10-16, Fear and Loathing beats out two other contenders (The High Seas Bounty and Chaotic Crimelords) in a seven round shutout.

Angelfish II - 2004-11-6, Dream Reapers take the island in another seven round shutout.

2005-03-14 - Dream Reapers cedes the island to Elysian Fields.

Angelfish III - 2005-04-09, A one-pirate alt flag named Blockade Practice drops a war chest on the island, but never shows. Three boring rounds later, Elysian Fields wins.

2005-05-03 - Elysian Fields cedes the island to The Uprising.